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Electricity supplier era, remodeling cosmetics packaging innovative business model

(1) analysis of the current situation of cosmetics packaging industry
With the rapid development of the national economy, cosmetics, the fashionable consumer goods, have gradually become the mainstream products in people's life. Looking at the dazzling and competitive cosmetics consumer market, cosmetics packaging of different forms is one of the main reasons for attracting consumers to buy goods, and it is an important form of cosmetics value. Even if there are a lot of advertising case, cosmetic packaging is also very convincing salesman When buying cosmetics, the first thing that attracts the attention of consumers is the quality of the outer packing, which directly stimulates the desire of consumers to purchase.
In the past a long time, most enterprises are stuck in the cosmetics packaging "product marketing" era, namely the enterprise as long as the product well, find the right customers with the right image and the material, the final product out in the sales channels, basically is "how to sell the product as a business guide business decisions. If the past few decades is summarized as competition relatively early "manufacturing era", so, the industry is now entering a "resource integration, brand promotion, capital operation" new three elements as the core of the "electronic commerce" competition era. Electricity supplier wave has put forward higher requirements for business operators. We found that to manage an enterprise, has been far better than the former "product marketing era" controllable and simple, on the contrary, enterprises face increasingly difficult to control systemic risk and industry risk, these factors make some business owners on the current management, difficult to make a correct judgment, decision-making and control.
In the market economy dominate today, global brand management has become an important strategy for enterprises in international competition, brand development, innovation has increasingly gained the attention of domestic enterprises, Chinese national enterprises in continuous exploration, in innovation and development. Take the packaging industry, with the involvement of outside information, the use of new technologies, the emergence of new products, packaging and publicity and even come, extremely rich in goods today, no change, no innovation, will be eliminated. At present, China has become the world's most potential cosmetics market, accompanied by China's rapid and sustained economic growth, the cosmetics industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in China's national economy. The continuous improvement of the economic environment has provided a stable macro environment for the development of cosmetics packaging in china. At the same time, the continuous development of the entire packaging industry, but also for the continuous development of cosmetics packaging market provides a good micro environment. Of course, the industry will continue to increase the pressure of competition, then the future of cosmetics packaging industry opportunities for development where? How to further break through restrictions, innovative development of cosmetics packaging business model, which we need to consider in the future.
(two) cosmetics packaging, e-commerce and traditional models derailed
5 years ago, if you do not understand the economy, you can still feel the sun as usual, and now in the "Internet" era, if there is something else do not have their own mentality, you will be completely out. Chinese economic development, whether it is to do business, or to do business, do not know if the electricity supplier, certainly not the future, some experts have even predicted: "the next fifteen years China Internet e-commerce is fifteen years". The electronic commerce is causing a "on-demand" mode of production revolution, "online sales" mode of revolution, "entrepreneurial" employment mode of revolution, "order three" consumption pattern revolution, "no collar" mode of life of revolution. Cosmetics packaging online, the maturity of the traditional market is very early, brand process is relatively perfect. This cosmetics "skin" in the rise of e-commerce era is participation is not enough, many manufacturers of cosmetics sales market research study, but also on the packaging of cosmetics online operations did not pay attention, this is the main phenomenon of the cosmetics packaging market and electricity supplier in the field of derailment. With the progress of Internet technology, electricity providers will be as a new way of productivity, influence and promote the development of the industry, but also as if the original cosmetics shop, gradually become one of the mainstream sales channels.
Compared with the traditional retail channels, e-commerce has a unique high efficiency and low cost advantages, is attracting more and more cosmetics brands to expand sales channels online. According to the data show that in 2013, China cosmetics online shopping market size of about 22 billion yuan, of which C2C cosmetics online shopping scale of about 20 billion yuan. In e-commerce, cosmetics packaging still plays an important role in the reform of the electricity supplier model packaging operations, not only can reduce costs, but also a substantial increase in profits.
The impact of the Internet in all walks of life is the impact and subversion of the business model and profit model, as well as between the industry and the upstream and downstream of the association model. To seek breakthroughs, the transformation of cosmetics packaging electricity supplier market, a profound analysis of e-commerce cosmetics packaging features, is the premise of innovation.
(three) why do cosmetics packaging e-commerce?
The reason why the electricity supplier in the first place, because in recent years, the electricity supplier development has completely overturned the pattern of China's economic industrial chain, causing great concern of the industry. It is said that the electricity supplier threat, rather than business opportunity, will wipe out the traditional channels of business ideas, too negative and pessimistic; on the contrary, it needs further development of the electricity supplier and entities under the line combination, and for