Delivery beauty and love

professional new design and exquisite craftsmansip

Corporate culture

Be right person first advance good working,quality first advance quantity Heavy responsibility makes succeed,Haste makes waste. Idle talking no good for business, Hard working good for each other.

About KaiPei

Zhejiang Kaipei Packaging Co., Ltd. (KPPG) was established in 2006. As both a technology enterprise and industry leader in the packaging field of Zhejiang Province, ZJKP mainly produce high quality cosmetics packaging for international and Chinese well-known brands. ZJKP has unique modern enterprise culture, pursuing for the perfect modern business management mode. Adhering to the creed of “Self-discipline and Social Commitment” as well as the idea of “Deliver Beauty and Love”, and the rule of “Professional new design and Exquisite craftsmanship”, ZJKP provide you with high-quality packaging and helps you promote the product value and make your product expensive.